Surgical Instruments

Zainsa Instruments provide you all types of Surgical instruments. Our products are certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and CE Compliance with the applicable requirements of directive 93/42/EEC as updated directive 2007/47/EEC​ and are guaranteed for Non-Corrosive and rust proof as we put ​Passivation test​ on each single instrument to ensure the quality, So we put our products for any kind of tests and standards, We offer you the best of the best in All kind of Surgical instruments at the most attractive prices. We are registered for European Union under REX #​ PKREXPK40070263​.

If you are looking for a company providing full finishing, Smooth Using Surgical Instruments so you are at the right place. You can contact us to buy any kind of instruments.

For any query feel free to Contact: E-Mail: G-Mail:

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Anesthesia Instruments (28)

Artery Forceps (20)

Bone Surgery Instruments (22)

Cotton Swab Forceps (17)

Dressings (15)

Forceps (37)

Goitre and Dermatology (5)

Gynecology Instruments (187)

Hospital Hollow Wares (39)

Measuring (8)

Neurosurgery Instruments (133)

Obstetrics (27)

Otology (270)

Probes, applicators, spatulas (5)

Retractors, wound Spreaders (6)

Rhinology (374)

Scalpels Handles (52)

Scissors (151)

Stomach, intestines, rectum (5)

Suture (5)

Tonsillectomy, laryngo-bronchoscopy (62)

Tracheotomy (5)

Trocars, suction tubes, Cannulas (6)

Urology (6)